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Don’t remember where your original Logo images are?

We can recreate it from any image, ready for use in your document or on your website.

There is a process called vector conversion where a Raster Bitmap, Picture, or Scan, or an image or logo is converted from pixels to line art. This process is mostly used for T-Shirt printing but has other application like the ability to infinitely scale your Artwork or Company Logo with no degradation.

There are many companies that offer this process but they are Automated. Built on volume not quality you never know what you’re going to get and there is no Client/Artist Interaction.  They just create your art, charge you and if you don’t like it…Oh Well.

We recreate your art Manually by placing it on a light table and redrawing it by hand to get the best original possible. What you end up with is a much cleaner and more accurate Vector Conversion. We do charge a little more for our process and here is why:

These are just some of our samples of conversions:

The first is the Original Image, the second is the vector recreation.

Vectorize My Image $25.00

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