I always believed my work spoke for itself…

…Recently, though, I’ve been informed that a resume and some images of my work is not enough for clients who don’t already know me to be induced to use the many design services I offer.

Things about me and more importantly
the things I can do for you.

Scott A. Perry Owner/Operator of Artist for Hire.
A lifetime of experience creating designs in every medium.
Everything you need to promote your business!

Attended: Sierra College 1986-1990 Rocklin, CA
Degree: Associate Arts Graphic Design

Illustration/Graphic Design: Affluent in the use of all medium including, but no limited to, pen and ink, charcoal, water color, acrylic, pastels, etc.

This is a self portrait I did my second semester of college. I had never been asked to paint a picture of myself before so it hadn’t actually occurred to me to do so. I’ve been told it is a fairly accurate rendering of me in my 20’s. I am not so young anymore.

This is me almost 30 years later. There are not many photos of me out there in the world because, unlike most people these days, I’m to busy to be worried about posting images of myself every 5 minutes.

I prefer to spend my time working or with friends and being present for them, and with them.

“Life moves pretty fast! If you don’t stop and look around once in a white, you could miss it.”  –F. Bueller

Software Applications: Are irrelevant as I can and have used them all, most since version one and it’s not about the software it’s about the skill behind it. “It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.”

I’ve worked: Graphic Designer in the Advertising Department of Tower Records; Production Designer of California Cattlemen and Angus the Magazine; Art Director of 98¢ Clearance Center; Art Director of Central 4 Wheel Drive. Started Artist For Hire in 1992 and never looked back.

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